Who do you write for?

Who do you write your blog for? Your poems? Your stories? You or your potential readers? I sometimes toss this thought around if I am struggling to find a subject to write about, when writing for myself.  When working on a business assignment, the thought process is completely different for me.

When I share my personal blog posts on social media, I am often surprised at which ones generate the most shares, reads, or feedback. Yet others I think are passionate pass by with nary a discussion. Interesting to note what hits people’s emotions.

My business blog subject matter is easier to identify. I write about issues impacting marketing, emedia, publishing, audience development, database management—areas I work in every day. The blog is a great tool to share ideas and opinions with customers. It also shows perspective clients my areas of expertise and some of my thought process. Other marketers can also learn, explore, express, provoke.

I recently read The M Train by Patti Smith and Dear Mr. You by Mary-Louise Parker. Both books were autobiographical–short vignettes in each chapter with connections throughout. Completely different in tone, I really enjoyed both, but I felt a bit more allowed into Patti Smith’s life.

Both of these books had very authentic voices. Maybe because the authors wrote about what they really felt and believed, rather than focusing on their audience during their writing process? Their stories were filled with sentiments from the heart. Thinking about these books now inspires me to continue to write in my personal blog what interests me today. Next week. Next month. And I hope you will continue to join me on my journey.

Keep it real with words and pictures.


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