Finding Inspiration

Where do you find inspiration? When creating on a daily basis, finding that spark, that idea to begin writing about  can be challenging during a routine, seemingly bland week . Sometimes the thoughts, the feelings flow quickly from brain to fingers.  Other days, I search, wait for that inspiration. 

That kernel or starting piece often does not always reside at the beginning of a piece. It often remains the essence, its heart.  Though its form can morph, travel on its own journey as it is expanded upon, revised,twisted, hopefully not vanish.

Inspiration can come from any of the senses: an intimate conversation or overhearing strangers argue, a nightmare, the touch of the sea, champagne bubbles exploding in my mouth, fetid garbage reeking in the alley as I walk by. It’s finding a way to capture and retain the truth, the emotion. Or flip it on its head, turn it inside out, create a brand new world, being. 

The key is to acknowledge and harness that inspiration, explore and expand that idea or experience. And that is true whether you are writing about a personal journey,sentiment, statement, poem, story, post, novel, song, article, musings. 

Where do you find your inspiration?


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