What is Your Excuse?

Wow– it is way, way too easy to knock myself down before I even start writing.

I have too many excuses for not actually starting that novel I have wanted to write.

  1. How do I start the process?
  2. Will it be good enough for anyone to read?
  3. Will I be confident enough to share it?
  4. I don’t have enough time.
  5. Some of real life is bound to creep in it. Will I piss anyone off if they mistakenly see themselves on a page?
  6. What do I do with it when it’s complete?
  7. What other excuses do I have today?

Today, to encourage myself to stop the negativity and postponing and to push myself forward, I am answering all these negative questions with positive responses:

  1. I have already started creating characters, one from a previously published short story I have long-wanted to know better.
  2. Yes, it will. Just remember that all books have some critics.
  3. I better! Maybe I should finally join the local library writer’s support group, once I get a few words on paper.
  4. Yes, there is enough time. Just grab it while fresh. Write in spurts if needed or at a set time of each work day.
  5. Once I read it, I will know if any part of the book is a little too real. Remove it, change it.
  6. Figure that out later.
  7. Give me an hour. I will have one.

How do you say no to yourself, before you even begin your journey? Why? Fear, I think. Or we start comparing ourselves to others when no one else is.

Just leap in. Start now.



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