#10MaD Release

I don’t always set an annual resolution. This year I was challenged to spend 10 minutes a day (#10MaD) with a goal in mind. I chose to spend time doing artistic pursuits, namely writing and photography. Much of my time has been spent writing, but the last week I have been doing several photography projects.

First, I volunteered to shoot a fundraising gathering of youth performers for Harmony 4 Hope, a wonderful charity that supports children’s rare disease research. Then I set up and tested out new lighting for a photo studio, to take head shots for a friend’s business website.

IMG photo studio

I love photography! I truly enjoy shooting in different environments, experimenting, viewing life through a lens. I can completely lose time reviewing and editing photos. I always want them to look “perfect”—and that vision can change from me to the person I am shooting for.

Interestingly, after writing almost daily for the past 2 months, a week of not writing had me yearning to put some thoughts to paper. Ideas flit in my mind, disappear when not captured, sometimes return, other times vanish.

But it makes me wonder—in my conscious choice of creative exploration, with this increased urge to write, have the daily habits become a mental release?  I will continue to explore and sustain them to satisfy that desire. It feels much like when you are on a regular exercise regimen, you feel that de-stressed and accomplished feeling when the workout is complete.

After writing this, I physically feel calmer. And mentally fulfilled. So I will continue my 10MaD routine…which often becomes a 30, 40, 50 minute routine. See where the journey takes me. Join me.





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