Writer’s Block Vanish

no fingers slide across the keys
the brain frozen
while the mind froths over
with hidden lists
of work family travel dogs weather work work exercise errands
what is for dinner?

the heart invisible
unable or unwilling to process
coherent phrases
complete thoughts

but suddenly tangled nonsensical words
appear on the page

how did they get there?
do they flow?
or will they vanish by choice
or chance?

then another day later
typing fingers trot across the keyboard
the brain moving faster than
thoughts can be captured
time for recorder
but it is easier to follow
written than spoken ideas
for me

does it matter?
who will remember?
who will pause in busy lives
to read words phrases sentences
an emotion hit
a heartbeat lit
a rhyme spit.



One thought on “Writer’s Block Vanish

  1. redbirdart@gmail.com

    Cindy. Mom here. I’m always amazed at your beautiful insightful writing. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    Sent from my iPhone.


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