Embrace Everyday Moments

Life is not remembered
by one stupendous event
defined by horror or humor or elation.
Rather, it is
a compilation of moments lived daily,
sometimes highlighted by a singular chance occurrence.

Embrace each sunrise
with an open mind
a heart willing
to accept the mundane
as extraordinary
with stupendous times
sprinkled throughout.

Near the end,
those individual days and moments
of journeys local and far travelled,
meld together
into waves of memories.

It is your choice to have
a life lived every.single.day
or one that is waiting,
for something beyond reach,
the next that may not happen.

So avoid the temptation to
always looking forward
and appreciate the Now
on most days.
There are some we all suffer through,
but hopefully the color-filled, rainbow days
even the forgotten ones
surpass those filled with storm.


by Cindy Cardinal Kennedy
completed 6/20/16
In honor of my dad, Richard Cardinal


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