Olympic Envy

I am obsessed. With the Olympics that is. Our family has been cheering on our US athletes in Brazil in many sports as they earn a medal, my quiet heart dropping when they don’t earn a trip to the podium.

And I am a little depressed. Watching these Olympic athletes, the incredible work and dedication they put into their lives, striving for the Gold. It makes me wistful that I don’t have that concentrated talent in anything I know of, that even younger I don’t think I could have shared “the Olympic dream”.

I listen to the athletes talk about their focus, the life events they have skipped for their dreams, the goals they set for themselves. Then re-set after they win or lose an event. Gymnast Aly Raisman came in 4th place in the all-around in the London Olympics four years ago, due to some crazy tie-breaking loss. Then she fought back to compete this year in Brazil, better than ever. The overwhelming emotions she expressed when she won the silver medal, a private moment gone global, showed how hard she worked to earn that medal.

I get so wrapped up in everyday work and life my daily goal is often so simple, like feed this family. Or get the dogs walked or go to the gym. Or get my son’s haircut before school starts. Or in a few free minutes to clean off a dresser, write a thank you note. Not all in one day, of course.

Maybe I need to set my goals a little higher.  Think a little more into the future, set some personal and family goals. It hit me that just going through the routine without any goals is also without the reward of accomplishment. I think I will have more pride in my week (month? year?) if I try to lay out some concrete goals bigger than the weekend to-do list and actually accomplish them.



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