Tap Dancing

Tap. Tap. Tap. What is that noise? I thought, glancing around my office while on a call.

Tap. Tap. I watched papers I had posted on my bulletin board. Were they gently blowing with the air coming through the vents? Nope.

Tap. Scratch. Tap. Were there stacked folders, making that noise? Nope.

What the heck?

Silence for a short while, or maybe the music playing drowned it out.

Another phone call, so off went the radio.

TAP. TAP. What the hell is creeping inside my walls that connect to the exterior of the house? Is it a squirrel? A skunk? A bird?

I walked outside the front door, looking up at the front of the house. No hole, no nest, no landing spot. I meandered around the corner, still looking up. No animals climbing up the walk, hooked to a drainpipe.

There, in the corner under fascia were 2 bees. 10 bees. No, 15+ bees swarming in and out of a hole.

Uh oh. I jogged back to my office, then silently listened. THAT was the persistent TAP. TAP. TAP.   I could now distinguish multiple creatures moving in the wall.

I immediately called the exterminator. The opening the bees found was 3 floors off the ground, so I had no clue how we would remove those wasps without help.

I tried to work at my desk, but the consistent noise was creeping me out. I kept envisioning them working through that drywall—I know it happens—and flying angrily around my house. Of course, my office is lofted so there would be no way to isolate them into a single room.

The next morning, that same wall was quiet. Had they moved? No, still swarming outside, so they are building somewhere in that tiny opening.

Were building, as our trusted exterminator Brian stopped by in the afternoon. With protective covering, an extremely long pole, and some white powder, he exorcised that hole. I watched from inside as those angry wasps tried to attack the end of the pole, then flew off.

No more tap. Tap. Tap. Just a few confused wasps outside, the bulk of them having moved on.

Silence. Sigh. Relief.




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