Standing against Racism–Lingering Thoughts on Charlottesville Riots

I wrote this after the Charlottesville, VA riots and murder.   I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post it. But then I wondered—if I don’t speak up, does it look like I am in tacit agreement with the displays of racism?  And if you read here, you know that I  am the opposition (or the opposite, but opposition sounds more active). So, here goes…

I watched. I read. I listened. I cried. I almost vomited.

I am so angry, disgusted and appalled at the outright bigotry, racism, and ignorance that was on display in Charlottesville, VA. This was especially true after watching the entire video. Have you watched it? Listened to the hatred, trying to their justify actions?

I never thought that I would see Americans gathering again in such large numbers preaching for the KKK and Nazism. Disgusting. Carrying Tiki torches, like they were at a party, while chanting their nasty, ignorant, racist lines. Then one of their kind killed Heather Heyer,a counter protestor, and injured others—horrifying. We have barely hear anything about the 2 state troopers who were killed, when their surveillance helicopter crashed.

So many people have died standing strong against this bigotry in the past–both as victims and and forces fighting against these groups. Here, it has slithered up again.

Then to have the President of our great nation not stand up immediately and denounce this racism and bigotry was appalling. Embarrassing. At least VA Governor Terry McAuliffe called out the protestors,  telling them they were not wanted in VA.

I know this bigotry has bubbled under the surface for years. But, with the current administration, these voices have become louder, more strident.

I believe in free speech. I also believe that when a group filled with hatred and weapons is given a right to gather, it is only logical to think that the other side will also be there– especially when the organizing side is speaking vitriol and ignorance.

I also believe it was wrong for people to then tear down Confederate statues with no permission, no warning, no discussions.  I agree with their sentiments, but there were other paths. This was vandalism.  I know that many cities have now followed suit and hastily removed statues.

I am doubtful this is the last time these protests and even deaths will happen this year.

I think it is sad that we need to become more vigilant, louder, stronger just to maintain human dignity in this country.  I will continue to resist this movement, and I will speak against bigotry, racism, hatred.

The journey continues.



2 thoughts on “Standing against Racism–Lingering Thoughts on Charlottesville Riots

  1. rejupi

    Hi Cindy. I don’t believe we’ve met, but I’m a fellow HW/LZ resident and happened upon this post through a certain Mrs. Mc. Thank you for taking a stand against bigotry. I’ve found that it’s so very rare for folks in our area to do so. Most folks here, even if adamantly opposed to racist acts, sit by quietly not wanting to rock the boat or to appear unpolitically-correct. Yet raising our voices is mission critical at this moment as we see common decency being swallowed up by misogyny, racism, xenophobia, and greed more than we have in half a century. Bravo to you for being brave and speaking the truth! Keep it up! Becky Ejupi

    1. CindyC

      Thanks Becky for taking the time to read and comment on my post. I agree that being vocal here can be met with silence–not that people don’t agree, but they don’t want to stand out. And I understand, because in today’s world of trolls, it can be scary to post such thoughts out loud or online. But to keep the racist, misogynistic, hate-based groups from rising higher, I think we should let people know where we stand. I hope that our paths can cross soon–I know we have mutual friends, but I too don’t think that we have met before. Cindy

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