New Orleans Scenes

A bit delayed, but here are a few shots of the characters and character of New Orleans.


Great people watching–anything goes! 
Louisiana Loom Works has a myriad of cats, working looms, and amazing pieces.  Worth a visit!
Daytime street view of never-ending live music. 

IMGP4859Next trip I should have better plan of what to focus on.  We were so busy with varied days this visit it was hard to have a single shooting goal….other than the pre-wedding pics from last post.

The journey continues.



Still Lifes by the Sea

These still life scenes were created by the beauty of the warm Puerto Rican ocean currents, the salt, the sun, the moon, the animals and plants that inhabit the coastal waters, tiny sand grains and unwieldy shells, sadly forgotten garbage.



These lovely displays were tossed at my feet, waiting to be captured on my camera. A few shots before a future tide re-arranges, mixes, removes, adds dimensions and mystery.


There were layers of opposition: colors and bleached corals, barnacles, barbs, smooth, crunchy, twisted, shiny, lacy, spotted, striped, hiding, clamoring for attention.   I so enjoyed getting lost in their beauty.   CIMGP0065

Some Trips are Worth Repeating

Sometimes a brief getaway with friends is exactly what you need to restore your center, step outside your routine, push your worries to the recesses of your mind, free your spirit.  We recently spent the weekend with a group of friends in MI–two years in a row of glorious weather, biking, fire pits, cooking, laughing over morning coffee, sharing wine, lunch at a local and super-friendly bar, strolling the beach, picking berries, talking, laughing, reading, spending a moment alone.  And a surprise boat ride with new friends at sunset, along the shoreline.

Different experiences from last year, but the same warm memories.



walking and talking
A lunch destination. Cheap, local, welcoming, fun.


Sunset on Lake Michigan








For some pictures from last year’s adventure, visit this post.  C

New York Exploration

A few more photos from our recent NY visit.  My girls showed that teenagers still are very curious.  They want to learn, to wander, to shop, to laugh, to take many photos.  Also, they definitely wanted to visit places they had seen on TV, in the movies.  Take your kids for a walk in the park, a nearby city, a beach.  You might meet some interesting people, see some unexpected sites, make some memories. A summer to remember. C

Setting up a pic of themselves with the Empire State Building.


Empire State Building at dusk.





Cool building by Chelsea Pier. Sorry, don’t know the name but beautiful colors.

Gas lamps! Never saw this tiny park before this visit.
custom graffiti hats made at midnight. Great guys!