Tuesday, Bluesday

Over the last couple months, I realized that Tuesday is the hardest day of the week for me to focus. I used to think it was Monday that I dreaded. I muddled through Sunday night: I double-checked the upcoming family and work schedule, sorted through weekend emails, planned the week. But by Monday morning, I …

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5 Reasons Why I Should Never Read a Mystery Novel

When I visit my local ELA Library, I usually do a quick pass through the New Mystery section. If the latest Alex Delaware (by Jonathan Kellerman) or Kinsey Milhone (by Sue Grafton) novel is available….YES. Mine, grabbing it like a child and holding it close. I then put aside whatever I am reading and delve …

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My Book Club Basics, 1 of 3

To answer the most frequently asked question first---Yes, we discuss the books in our monthly meetings! We do not just drink wine. I am honored to have been part of our book club since its inception in 2003! Our first book was A Million Little Pieces by James Frey, shortly before it was debunked as …

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Why I Marched and What Comes Next For Me

I wrote most of this post before the world went crazy with people sniping and commenting for and against the Woman’s March last weekend. To me, this event was democracy at its finest.  Aren’t we lucky to live in a country where we we can stand up for our beliefs, try to affect change? If …

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Winter Inspiration for Fun

A few weeks ago—before our deep freeze-- we had the PERFECT Illinois winter snowy day. That day I cross country skied and shot the pictures I posted on this blog a couple weeks ago. My 16 year old son Ronan and his friends sledded all that afternoon.  I was secretly smiling that the boys adventures …

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First Snowfall Photos

  The gorgeous snowfall yesterday--all day long, with thankfully no where to go--inspired me to take a few photos and change up today's post. Abstracts and landscapes, the changing weather gives so many possibilities to create. Enjoy.   I love this secret spot..... C All photos copyrighted by Cindy Cardinal Kennedy

2017 Direction of My Blog Decided

I am choosing action and positivity, despite the ugly, misogynistic, racist, ranting posts, emails, and behavior this election has spurred. I have un-friended, defended, commented, ignored, and now decided it is time to engage, influence the change in direction of the conversation. On my last post, I wasn’t sure what to do with this blog. …

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