Winter Inspiration for Fun

A few weeks ago—before our deep freeze-- we had the PERFECT Illinois winter snowy day. That day I cross country skied and shot the pictures I posted on this blog a couple weeks ago. My 16 year old son Ronan and his friends sledded all that afternoon.  I was secretly smiling that the boys adventures …

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6 Simple Ways to Maintain Balance (or Sanity) this Holiday Season

Many of you know that my dad passed away this year. I have to count on 3 hands my friends who are also celebrating their first holidays with one fewer parent. It isn’t easy, this “Year of Firsts”. As we move through December, I know I will need to find some time to step away …

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First Snowfall Photos

  The gorgeous snowfall yesterday--all day long, with thankfully no where to go--inspired me to take a few photos and change up today's post. Abstracts and landscapes, the changing weather gives so many possibilities to create. Enjoy.   I love this secret spot..... C All photos copyrighted by Cindy Cardinal Kennedy

2017 Direction of My Blog Decided

I am choosing action and positivity, despite the ugly, misogynistic, racist, ranting posts, emails, and behavior this election has spurred. I have un-friended, defended, commented, ignored, and now decided it is time to engage, influence the change in direction of the conversation. On my last post, I wasn’t sure what to do with this blog. …

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Where Does this Blog Go Next and other New Year’s Resolution Conundrums

I resurrected my blog this year as part of my New Year’s resolution to spent 10 minutes a day (10MaD) to “explore the arts” in 2016. The idea came from an article by Eric Zorn in the Chicago Tribune.  My resolution included writing in this blog, my work blog, and taking photographs. You can read …

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Biking in the Woods…of Memories

©Cindy Kennedy The leaves crackle under our bike tires, burying the path underneath the trees.   There is a sense of golden aura, with splatters of rust and green throughout, as we wind along the trail flanking the river. The geese chatter, the slight scent of decay emanates throughout. As we ride past the mirrored lake, …

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Conquering Men’s Uninvited Advances

Thank you, Donald Trump. Yes, thank you. Since that video of you surfaced talking about “grabbing her pussy” and the myriad of similar follow-up accusations, the conversation of how women are treated, taunted, poked, and prodded with bodies and eyes has become an open conversation. Women are angry. Women are vocal. Girls and women like …

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