Morning Bike Rides

Watermelon.  Key lime. Tangerine. Lemon.  Cranberry. These were just a few of the whimsical house colors that lined the beach and road opposite us a we rode our bikes daily along the street running alongside the ocean in Emerald Isle, NC. Mid-20th century bungalows are situated next to statelier, multi-level clapboards,  all overloaded with balconies …

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RIP Aunt Lorene

My Aunt Lorene passed away this week, her final months spent in home-care hospice.  It seems a cliché of being sad, but also being a blessing to let her go.  It  is also ironic that this now Midwestern girl was just several states south of her New Jersey, vacationing along the NC southern Outer Banks …

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Our San Diego Excursions

For those who asked me what to do in San Diego, it is a candy store of adventure: playlands, beaches, shopping and  phenomenal sunsets for those who seek it. The entire western border of beaches, tidepools,  dolphins riding waves with surfers unending beauty itself. We stayed in a lovely condo in Oceanside, about 40 miles north of San Diego, right …

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An Oceanside Day

What a way to energize in the morning, as you meditate, exercise, lose yourself,  find yourself, forget yourself waiting for the perfect wave with the dolphins circling and then catching your wave, then as the evening approaches, an explosion of colors morphing into cotton candy clouds another sun-kissed day. C

Weekend Getaway #1

Nine children, ages 2 to 13, climbed up the hill from the Lake Michigan beach to the rented villa at Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan, WI.  They had a very busy morning of playing in the tall grasses, building forts with old branches and weaving grasses together for the sides then jumping in the frigid …

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