First Snowfall Photos

  The gorgeous snowfall yesterday--all day long, with thankfully no where to go--inspired me to take a few photos and change up today's post. Abstracts and landscapes, the changing weather gives so many possibilities to create. Enjoy.   I love this secret spot..... C All photos copyrighted by Cindy Cardinal Kennedy


To quiet my mind zig zagging through the oh-so-important and meaningless ideas that whip around my brain I sit motionless on the bench, no sounds of people around unwavering, and breathe deep from within again again until I feel the tension slowly dissipate from my muscles, bones, sinew, and mind. Then I become aware there …

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As Seen On My Kayak

With summer quickly waning in the Midwest and a limited time for working out yesterday, Bob and I took our kayaks out on our neighborhood lake.  I also took my underwater camera for the first time.  Here are a couple of the shots I liked, with more to come after future rides...and now I will …

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As Seen on a Bike Ride

These are photos from yesterday's bike ride along the Des Plaines River Trail in the Lake County Forest Preserves.  Our path took us through some happy memories of places we took our kids when they were younger and a few unknown miles. We traversed through woods, fields, a hotel, abreast a subdivision,  and along the …

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Twilight Bliss

A mural of muted rose to pale gold to midnight blue reflected from sky to water then seemingly back into the clouds. A pair of ducks sits on the color-splashed surface taking in the night sky, diving for dinner. The lone fisherman, snaps his line as he casts into the lake causing a ripple of …

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Still Lifes by the Sea

These still life scenes were created by the beauty of the warm Puerto Rican ocean currents, the salt, the sun, the moon, the animals and plants that inhabit the coastal waters, tiny sand grains and unwieldy shells, sadly forgotten garbage.   These lovely displays were tossed at my feet, waiting to be captured on my …

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