Into the Storm

Flakes flutter in the evening sky

ones, tens,

then quickly thousands, millions, uncountable

swirling, spinning

wipers useless

non existent

then tendrils of snow

snake across the highway

rippling waves


mezmorising as they rise up

to meet those in flight

blinding us.

Hiding barely in sight

the black F150 truck

we have been following for miles,

all driving so thoughtfully


Suddenly, the truck


as we are caught in the vortex-

attack of the seemingly innocent snowflakes


Alone, on the highway. So briefly.



Inspiration for this poem was a quickly moving snowstorm we drove through from Indianapolis to Chicago suburbs.  Video of this approaching storm (taken my my daughter Devon not me, driving) when it didn’t look like a blizzard yet is online–I loved the snow snaking across the highway.

We estimate we saw 20+ accidents involving 50+ cars during this drive. Even called 911 for one car.  It was beautiful but extremely dangerous driving.


The Screen Seduction


So innocent when blank, flat, closed

hidden, reflective

on laps, wrists, eyes, desks

silently beckoning.


Flick the button. Once lit, they can captivate

frustrate, mesmerize, create,

we lose ourselves, lose hours, lose days

find our family, explore our world

and beyond

steal identity, steal time, steal someone else’s love,

steal innocence

color, black and white, sepia

sound, silence, song, bark, mewl

Game, work, procrastinate, sing, cry, scream, whimper, gossip,

welcome strangers no longer unknown,

Reserve a dinner, an airplane, a tiny room off an alley,

Buy a house, a penny, a screw of many types,

Voyeur, designer, writer, athlete, chef, preacher, gambler, adulterer, killer.

Explore without moving but our eyes and fingers

Go deeper, to obsidian spaces,

Or become angel, whiteness.

Obsession. Addiction.


Experience is limitless. Or limiting, until we return the screens to empty.

Drain the battery. Unplug. Just close it.

And live.

Which is more real life?



Evil Overcome–a poem written 9/11/01

In remembrance of the 2700+ lives lost this day 10 years ago, I am posting a poem I wrote that day.  I know this poem was posted on a wall by the fallen towers, amidst hundreds of flyers looking for missing people. The day today begins as lovely as that 9/11/01:, which ended so tragically.  C

Evil Overcome

Our world shattered today,

hijacked planes smashing into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon,

moments of destruction

that destroyed thousands of lives




and stole our freedom

while we watched,

in horror and awe

as the terror became unimaginable.


Suddenly explosions,

horrendous fires,


the gray ash and debris flew through the city

covering all in a sick, sordid snowfall.


The explosions that rocked New York and DC,

have shattered the core of my being,

my heart twisted and aching

like the steel beams

now lying in a crater in NYC.


We hear your cries in Chicago,

they reach us all through the day

and nights

our unknown brothers and sisters,

American families all

and our tears fall with you,

our prayers for you,

our arms and hearts reach around you in comfort

in hope,

Can you feel them in the breeze?


We have the guilt of being alive,

We will never forget.


We are hopeful.

We are frightened.

We are angry and appalled.


Families destroyed,

our liberties in hiding,

we are emerging as a nation to fight as One,

to rebuild the cities

the families

the freedom

and our peace.