A Welcoming View

They all congregated around the towering spitting Crown Fountain, gazing up at giant eyes or to the puddles or to their friends with selfie sticks, digital cameras with ginormous lenses, iPads, iPhones. Some skipped capturing the moment but were laughing, pointing, hugging, ignoring, whispering a sweet love word, lost in music, chasing, resting, reading, working.fullsizerender-2

One small blond girl in a mint-colored swimsuit was oblivious to everything but the changing mosaics and the handprints she formed on the dry pavement. She alone made people gaze, hunger for their children to slip back to innocence for one day, or to reminisce in their minds about a secret day in their life of such abandon.

They were of every ethnicity: grandparents, families, students, hipsters, business women, runners, homeless, parents, children, a dog, tourists. Heads were topped with neon orange hair, purple hair, no hair, hats, braids, head sets. They spoke multiple languages, looked to be from a wide swath of backgrounds and economic stratospheres, walkers, strollers, painters, dreamers, rappers.

And you know what? Despite the never-ending sorrow we hear in the news, the horrible daily stories of lives cut short, in this group of people milling around, brought together on Michigan Ave, there was peace, smiles, exchanges. No one cared about the differences between us. We were One, if just for that snapshot in time.

We all enjoyed the art, the destination and this swampy, summer-like Chicago night, the moment. A smile, a nod, a wave to those around. I wish for more lovely moments like this, slowing the undulating motion in the city.



Untitled Poem

boat sunset

Enchanting blue waves
frolic and play
chasing those they cannot outrun
before they collapse back onto themselves
merging with the surface,
tiny white caps
with their spittle of salty froth
spraying jumping
then vanish as they mix
with the undulating surface.

Caribbean secrets swirling, swimming, sucking, sexing beneath
as we glide south
the horizon beckoning
topaz and navy
as it remains unchanged since before man
and will long after
hopefully not too spoiled by humans,

27 March 2016


written and photos taken on Independence of the Seas cruise ship

7 Minutes of Silence

It’s sometimes my favorite part of the day. 6:53-7:00 am. One child has left for the bus, two others and my husband are still asleep until the 7 am alarms jar them from slumber.  If I’m not preparing dinner, I absorb this perfect peace and hope to keep it within throughout the day.  At this time of the morning I can enjoy my Chicago Tribune comics and a yogurt with no calls of “mama…”.  

There are no cell phones jangling in my pocket, no urgent work emails coming in, no children asking me to sign one more form, no husband wanting to know what’s the daily schedule, and even the dogs are laying quietly at my feet not asking to be walked with those whimpering eyes.

Frankly, for these 7 minutes the time is mine alone. I know that no critical or mundane issue is going to make me deviate from my sitting quietly, eating, watching the fattening robins scuttle around the rain-covered grass.

6:59, I hear socked steps slowly slipping down the stairs, one minute before the first alarm goes off.  6 minutes of silence–I’ll happily take it today, before the race begins.  C