Lake Michigan, MI

To quiet my mind
zig zagging through the oh-so-important
and meaningless ideas
that whip around my brain
I sit
motionless on the bench,
no sounds of people around
and breathe
deep from within
until I feel the tension slowly dissipate
from my muscles, bones, sinew, and mind.

Then I become aware
there is movement around,
as my hair flies into my face
and yet, I wait.

The trees trunks remain solid
and strong
while the branches and leaves converse
in their captivating language
I cannot quite translate;

white puffy clouds steady the backdrop
while smaller gray wisps
race across the forefront,
causing the water to ripple and run
on the indigo lakefront,
spiraling out from center,
in undulating patterns.

I watch mesmerized
as the scene morphs again,
in a blink.

I absorb my calm
and realize that time
is motion and flow,
carrying on.




Twilight Bliss


A mural
of muted rose to pale gold to
midnight blue
reflected from sky to water
then seemingly back into the clouds.

A pair of ducks sits on the color-splashed surface
taking in the night sky,
diving for dinner.

The lone fisherman,
snaps his line
as he casts into the lake
causing a ripple of movement
then gently pulls on his rod,
reels in,
casts again
and again
his meditation for the day,
his release.

A silver crescent of moon
brightens the darkened corner
of the sky-
the cicadas calling
the frogs humming,
barely visible waves lapping the shoreline.

I sat serenely on the still sun-kissed bench
to just absorb
and breathe,
empty my crowded, jumping mind
and fill it with calm. And beauty. And respite.


Inspiration was the boardwalk at Lake Zurich, IL. Pictures taken there 8/8/16 on iPhone 6.


With an ill family member a plane ride away
that little rectangular tool
called the Cell Phone
so full of need
and escape
in a hand-held box
that I sometimes abhor,
(when others are hypnotized
and friends engaged in the screen
instead of today
and engaging conversation)
has become my lifeline.

I carry it on my person–
every step in the house,
during meetings,
while at the gym,
a brief escape with friends,
the ebony hour.
The buzzer is at the ready,
for a call
a text
an update
from afar.

It is a hope
an anchor
a wish
my reality.

So thankful I have it
to desperately grasp,
rather than the old-school landline,
to keep me truly tethered to my home,
while I wait
for the latest change
by voice or written word.


Embrace Everyday Moments

Life is not remembered
by one stupendous event
defined by horror or humor or elation.
Rather, it is
a compilation of moments lived daily,
sometimes highlighted by a singular chance occurrence.

Embrace each sunrise
with an open mind
a heart willing
to accept the mundane
as extraordinary
with stupendous times
sprinkled throughout.

Near the end,
those individual days and moments
of journeys local and far travelled,
meld together
into waves of memories.

It is your choice to have
a life lived
or one that is waiting,
for something beyond reach,
the next that may not happen.

So avoid the temptation to
always looking forward
and appreciate the Now
on most days.
There are some we all suffer through,
but hopefully the color-filled, rainbow days
even the forgotten ones
surpass those filled with storm.


by Cindy Cardinal Kennedy
completed 6/20/16
In honor of my dad, Richard Cardinal

Writer’s Block Vanish

no fingers slide across the keys
the brain frozen
while the mind froths over
with hidden lists
of work family travel dogs weather work work exercise errands
what is for dinner?

the heart invisible
unable or unwilling to process
coherent phrases
complete thoughts

but suddenly tangled nonsensical words
appear on the page

how did they get there?
do they flow?
or will they vanish by choice
or chance?

then another day later
typing fingers trot across the keyboard
the brain moving faster than
thoughts can be captured
time for recorder
but it is easier to follow
written than spoken ideas
for me

does it matter?
who will remember?
who will pause in busy lives
to read words phrases sentences
an emotion hit
a heartbeat lit
a rhyme spit.