Impacts on Essence

The solo person at the party, shyly eyeing the crowd, do you approach him or her to say “welcome”? That guy on the treadmill several times a week near you, do you give him a smile? How will they reply (that stressful thought!)?

You think you have nothing to offer? EVERYONE has a story to tell—in conversation, in pictures, in words, in a painting, in a glance, in a sculpture, in our relationships, in our travel, in our décor,  in our attire, in our choice of car (or lack there of). And one thing that can help keep our story interesting is interactions with people, and the bonds we keep and transition to and from.

We hear of champions and victims who had that ONE THING that defined their quest, their journey, their essence, their cause.

For most people,  I think how they choose to show the world is the culmination of all the individual and intertwined moments we experience each day that creates our being. A scowl, a goal scored, a missed turn, a stretch, an illicit touch, a wandering eye, a smile, a death, a birth, a puppy to love, a dance, a joke, a journey, a burn, a bad haircut, a first job, the behavior of others, a fishing pole, a slap, a cigarette, a lie, a truth, a roller coaster, that first sip of alcohol, reactions to dreams, a love, a loss, a magic trick, a book read in a corner, a film, a lost friend, an unexpected ally, rainbow, a seashell, a moonlit stroll, a simple meal , a violin solo, a high five, a tomato fresh from the garden.

As many negative things that happen to us impact us as the positive encounters. Be the person who grabs that moment to smile, not be snide. Crack open possibilities, don’t rush past unseeing. You might find one of those positive moments to shape someone else’s persona—or your own, not destroy it.


P.S.  I am already enjoying “meeting” so many fellow bloggers as I pursue my writing for 10 minutes a day in 2016, posting on here and my business blog more frequently.  You keep me inspired me in one short week to keep writing and taking pictures!  So, thanks for your positive vibes.


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